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The Pecunix System is a secure digital user interface and electronic service that is provided by PECUNIX INCORPORATED enabling you to access your account(s) to make and receive payments.

upAccount Details:

This page allows you to change the settings to:

Receive e-mail: When a payment is made to this account you can choose to receive an e-mail to the e-mail address that receives the payment. There is no option to have the e-mail sent to another e-mail address.

Encrypt e-mail: When an e-mail is sent you can choose to receive the e-mail encrypted with your PGP Key. The e-mail is always encrypted with the Limited Access level PGP Key.

Display the account balance: At the top left of the main window the balance of your account is displayed. The default value of an account is displayed in GAU (grams of gold), which is the balance to the left. The number in brackets to the right is denominated in the national currency of your choice. Select the national currency you would like the amount to be displayed in.

Allow public viewing of the account balance: At the balances of selected accounts are displayed for the public to see. This page displays the account name, e-mail addresses assigned to the account and the account balance in GAU (grams of gold) as well as a national currency selector.

up Account History Full records of all payments made and received are accessible from all three levels of the account.

Download a statement gives you the ability to download a record of all the payments viewed on this page in either csv format or xml format.

up Account Holders Account: is the electronic record of the quantity of grams of Fine Gold held on behalf of each account holder in Allocated Storage for the exclusive benefit of the account holder represented as an amount of Pecunix.

up Account Summary gives a brief overview of your account.

This page also displays any pending transactions that have not been collected by the payee. You can cancel a pending transaction at any time before the payee collects the payment.

up Access Levels: There are three Access Levels for each account. For each Access Level, you are issued a separate PIK (Private Identification Key).

The three Access Levels are explained below.

1. Full Access allows you to perform all functions from your Pecunix account. These functions include making a payment, updating your personal details and changing account, or security settings.

Note: To strengthen your account security the Full Access level is not recommended for daily use.

2. Limited Access allows you to make payments up to a preset daily limit as well as allowing you to access the account's history statements. You cannot change any account details from this level. Limited Access is recommended for daily use.

Currency amount
lets you set a national currency amount to calculate the GAU (grams of gold) amount for the account payment limit.

Payment limit is always a GAU amount.

3. Read Only Access allows you to read the account history statements for the account.

up Account Limits: From the Full Access level you have the option to set limits for the Limited Access and Read Only Access levels. For example, this means you may set the Limited Access level to pay a maximum amount per day. (This is particularly useful when you allow others to use or view your account.)

upAccess logs: are records of attempts made to login to your Pecunix account. Records of both successful and failed attempts are kept in the Access Logs.

up Advanced Security: To set up your account you will have full log-on security that is immune to common viruses (e.g. Trojan Horse & robot attacks).

The standard security comes with an optional IP number security that is backed up with in-depth detailed reporting. For instance, every time you log-on an up-to-date security report appears that identifies failed log-on attempts and any other suspect activity.

To increase the security of your computer system it is recommended that you take the time to view the precautions suggested by PECUNIX INCORPORATED more...

up Allocated Storage: is where fine gold is contained within the Repository -- discrete and identifiable forms of physical bullion that meet the London Good Delivery Standard established by the London Bullion Market Association.

up Auto payments:

Auto payments[close up]--are regular payments of a fixed amount made at predetermined intervals. Auto payments may be scheduled to take place either over a specified period or indefinitely. Example: It is possible to set an auto payment to pay your rent each time the rent falls due. If your rental situation changes, then the auto payment may be either cancelled or adjusted to reflect any change in circumstance.
  • Payment from: You may select which e-mail address you would like the payee to see if you have more than one e-mail address registered to your Pecunix account.
  • Pay the amount of: is the amount in any selected currency. This is then converted to the equivalent GAU (grams of fine gold) amount which is paid on the selected day.
  • To e-mail address: the e-mail address of the recipient of a payment, regardless of whether or not they have a Pecunix account.
  • Previous payees: : is a quick reference of the last 20 e-mail addresses you have used to send payments.
  • Fees paid by: determines who will pay the transaction fees.
  • Reference: a numerical code you may choose to assign to a payment. Note: : This code is a searchable identifier in your account history.
  • Message: allows you to provide specific details, comments or instructions to the payee using up to 255 characters. A red counter (above left) keeps a running tally of the number of characters used.

up Available Gold Balance is the total mass of Fine Gold, measured in GAU (grams of fine gold), which is held on behalf of the account holder within the Repository in Allocated Storage.

up Available Pecunix Balance: is the total value of Pecunix recorded in your account. The Available Pecunix Balance is always displayed as GAU (grams of fine gold) of and can be found at the top of each page in the account area. Your balance can also be shown in the national currency of your choice.

up Bulk Payments: enable users to make multiple payments in one operation.

The payments may be prepared beforehand in any text file or spreadsheet and pasted into the text area for execution.

List each payment on a new line:

Payer,Payee,Amount,CurrencyCode,Reference,FeePaidBy,Message Example (3 payments):,,69.00,USD,1,both,Thanks!,,189.21,USD,2,payee,inv.1,,7.0048,GAU,3,payer,Excellent!

up Bullion Agent: is The Bullion Company which is suitably qualified and appointed by PECUNIX INCORPORATED to undertake duties related to the exchange of gold bullion into and out of Allocated Storage.

up Casino Payment System
A proposal was prepared at the request of a major Internet casino operator to describe the advantages that Pecunix offers over all other payment systems for use in the Internet gaming arena. To view this proposal, click here

up Contact Details: are provided to PECUNIX INCORPORATED to verify ownership of your account. If you have not saved your PGP Key in your account PECUNIX INCORPORATED will require you to provide adequate documentation (as determined by PECUNIX INCORPORATED) that proves that you are the owner of the account. The onus is on you to supply documentation that corresponds exactly with the contact and identification details stored in your account.

Account Name: Each time a payment is sent to your account, details are displayed to the payer. The account name is displayed. This name can be whatever you want the public to see, e.g. contact person / phone / address / your correct details. Remember that these details are always encrypted in the database. If you are not using a PGP key in this account, these details must be verifiable in the event that there is a dispute with the account, e.g. lost access keys, secret information -- something only you would know (see Secret Information).

up Contact Pecunix through Secure Communication: For all correspondence between you and Pecunix Customer Services, you should use the secure e-mail interface located within the account area. The Pecunix system allows you to send and receive e-mails as you normally would; its secure environment enables you to keep the use of your Pecunix account confidential.

Inbox: When the Pecunix customer services replies to a message you have sent it is placed into your inbox.

New Message: used to compose your questions to Pecunix customer services.

Outbox: When you send a message to Pecunix customer services your message is held in the Outbox until the Pecunix customer services have answered It. If you find your answer before the Pecunix customer services have collected the message you have the option to delete it.

Saved: If you wish to keep a message for future reference, place it in the saved folder.

Deleted: All messages that are deleted are placed in this folder. Only in Full Access are you able to shred your message so it is deleted entirely from your account.

up Cookies:

How to enable cookies Internet Explorer
  • Version 5.x
  • Version 6.0

  • Version 4.x
  • Version 6.2 or Higher

    IF you are not using Internet Explorer 6.0 then click here to see help files for all versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer

    Please note that Netscape 6 is NOT recommended or supported by Additional Qualifications Technical Support. Please use Netscape 4.7x or 6.2 or higher.

    up Currency Converter: All payments in the Pecunix system are denominated in GAU (grams of fine gold) The Currency Converter allows you to select, calculate and convert the currency of your choice into GAU.

    up Custodian: The Custodian of the Pecunix currency is the PECUNIX FOUNDATION. This is an independent entity appointed by PECUNIX INCORPORATED to hold and oversee the governance of the fine gold held in Allocated Storage for the exclusive benefit of account holders.

    up Customer Services: This service is a globally distributed team of customer service agents who deal with queries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    up Encryption: is the process of protecting information on one's computer, particularly as information moves from one computer to another. Information passes through a complex mathematical process (an Encryption algorithm) that encodes the information before it is sent. Once received, the information is decoded with a secret key. In other words, Encryption is a way of making data unreadable to everyone except the receiver. The Pecunix system uses PGP Encryption. The use of PGP Encryption allows encrypted e-mails to be sent to you. You may also use PGP to have your e-mails signed for authenticity or to add extra security when logging into your account. Your information is held encrypted in the Pecunix database at all times.

    This is an example of what your name, e-mail addresses and contact details may look like to an observer of the database:


    e-mail addresses:
    jV5JbrmFMM+2ip6wYvXHvjUAWIDMWZCm5KXsta3tKUxtUVL1C6WeE0FGhDAitsLUq8KvrHDJ zCWPzPUWtFFLKBqlOmAkkIRwA2iz8LAvBuwUGUEjF3ZJwOjvgg==

    Contact information:
    +BkpZPfpcF/BMnxOoGai/yEKjXpGqN2CHfMn1TLz8vPtaVIvLkJKkHYrFvd2J6D/BHvBx0mt Jk12pFcJL00BP/s9uRW5FsEuctTNDY53hKJ237qN/ehiGaoUahIGzAi+hmEasMXKpgeOwz47 teZlc6HRTi3gguRMzR+1i40PIsJTwTDJKgdwZ9moBLEQa0kwZnX9/qGXQgFharEXaoVpbgiI ko6X/tKixfBLrknCBOeXXK4BmtK1BH5y5GkEvlBkAtLWwl2GEhaqW5KiV0+OR1nmR/pxjlMS OThCGZn5nH8KLUpjT+gNcGOvyYXkOynS2v5zyDgsNmbV70z/56Tij4K+MvGFR3iKwl6TWurr z89EY+7vtRtaQu5IrV0OXbqAah/E+WcYIJyJQDApc/TZB4eeUgm2Hx5taOz6O6BBzjgFyRIZ iEbgusm7dQI+ee+k/rBZZZDyH0pBmVkMR7BjPH9pT93a/RjDKn3W5CAx0bwMwpigTEYZNDXp R8Z1voCmKwvJHBSX1XcTxioPymMYG70OpRhoohyp3h3gjWggzdWO/GjDgJ/hUQYO7q43xQUk==

    up Encumbrance or Lien: is a burden or charge upon property or a claim or lien upon an estate which may diminish its value. No Encumbrance or Lien will ever be placed on the fine gold held by the PECUNIX FOUNDATION under any circumstances.

    up Escrow Agent: is an independent entity appointed to acquire and deposit Fine Gold into Allocated Storage within the Repository on behalf of the Pecunix account holders and to verify that the quality of the Fine Gold held is to the standards set by the London Bullion Market Association.

    up Escrow Service: is a service where money, property, deeds or bonds are placed in the custody of a trusted independent third party for delivery to a grantee only after certain specified conditions are met.

    The Pecunix system is NOT an Escrow Service. PECUNIX INCORPORATED provides no guarantee that vendors using the Pecunix system will fulfil purchase orders. PECUNIX INCORPORATED will not be held liable in any way to account holders for the failure of purchase orders for goods or services, nor for the quality, safety or legality of any goods or services purchased using the Pecunix system.

    up E-mail Addresses: Payments may be made to any e-mail address. The Pecunix system allows you to submit up to 5 e-mail addresses per account. When another Pecunix account holder makes a payment to any of the e-mail addresses provided by you, the Pecunix currency is deposited into your account. You can add and delete all but one e-mail address. When adding or deleting an e-mail address you will be asked to verify your request.

    up Exchange Pecunix: An account holder can buy and sell Pecunix with most national currencies using PREOs situated in various countries around the world. Account holders also have the ability to exchange gold for Pecunix and Pecunix for gold by contacting a PREO or the Bullion Agent.

    When you select an option you will be given a list of PREOs in your area.

    up Fine Gold: is pure gold as measured by the rules required for London Bullion Market Association Good Delivery Bars and recorded as ´Fine Weight´ on the weight list accompanying gold Good Delivery Bars.

    up Fees paid by: When making a payment you may choose who pays the transaction fees. The default setting is for the receiver of the Pecunix to pay the transaction fees. If you want the receiver of the Pecunix currency to receive a predetermined amount (e.g. US$200) you may choose to pay the transaction fee yourself. There is also a further option to share the transaction fee 50/50.

    To view the current fees click here

    up GAU and OAU: are symbols given to the value of Pecunix.
    1 GAU=1 Pecunix
    1 Pecunix is equivalent to 1 gram of fine gold

    1 OAU=31.1034768 Pecunix
    31.1034768 grams=1 Troy Ounce

    up Globally Remote Parties: Pecunix is a digital Internet currency that is used internationally. This allows you to pay Pecunix to anyone in any part of the world as easily as paying it to your neighbour.

    up IP number security: IP number security: IP stands for Internet Protocol and is a numeric address given to all computers connected to the Internet so they can communicate with each other. This IP address might be the same number each time you log on. This is called a static IP address. It might be a newly assigned number each time you connect. This is called a dynamic IP address. An IP address is set out in four sets of numbers separated by periods. e.g. For greater security, a Pecunix account holder can restrict or allow certain IP addresses to access the account. This is done by setting certain rules in the ´Strong Security´ section of the account. Please note: It is essential you understand how this works before making changes to your account or you may lock yourself out of your account!

    up Industry-standard Formats: Your Account History may be downloaded to different programs using either CSV or XML format. This allows you to have a comma-delimited list or to open directly into a spreadsheet such as Excel.

    up Input Hash: When sending a payment to the Pecunix system from your website interface, you may use a special string of digits called an input hash, which verifies that the payment came from your account and that the payment details have not been altered. There is a setup wizard in the Developers Info within your account that will help you create an input hash.

    An input hash is made up with the following variables:

    The resulting MD5 hash is: 82F3F622AAB0817D5151E722FDA4DA98

    The resulting SHA1 hash is: 50D22EEA360005F45EDE4E136F7F72DF70CCBF3A

    up Insurance: All gold bullion held on behalf of THE PECUNIX FOUNDATION is at all times insured to a full 100% of its current market value.

    up Irrevocable: means not possible to retract or revoke. Also see Non-repudiable.

    up Keyboard Sniffer: is a virus that can enter your computer in the form of an e-mail attachment. A keyboard sniffer is a program that steals and sends back passwords to the originator of the virus.

    The Pecunix login system has been designed to be immune from this type of virus.

    To increase the security of your computer system we recommend that you take the time to view the precautions suggested by PECUNIX INCORPORATED. more...

    up Login Security: Your Pecunix is protected by your ability to keep others from knowing your account log-in details and keeping your computer safe.

    To increase the security of your computer system, we recommend that you take the time to view the precautions suggested by PECUNIX INCORPORATED. more...

    up Password: is a code name that is created and issued to you by the Pecunix system that you or additional account holders use to access your account.

    up Lost Access Keys: The best way to ensure private access to your account is by using a PGP Key. For further information about how to use a PGP Key, please take the time to view the tutorials at

    If you have saved your PGP Key in your account, by using the PGP password recovery facility on the Pecunix system you can recover a lost PIK (Private Identification Key) and Login ID.

    If you have not saved your PGP Key in your account, PECUNIX INCORPORATED will require that you provide adequate documentation (as determined by PECUNIX INCORPORATED) to prove that you are the owner of the account. In this situation, the onus is on you to supply documentation that exactly corresponds with the contact and identification details stored in your account before you can access your account.

    up LBMA: stands for London Bullion Market Association which is an internationally recognised association that guarantees that all gold in its chain of integrity is pure.

    Ensuring the gold is good
    The London Bullion Market Association -- or LBMA -- has an internationally recognised 'good delivery' system in place that allows gold buyers to be sure their gold bars are pure. As part of its commitment to safety and security, Pecunix will only accept bars refined under LBMA rules.
    A very basic summary of the system would be:
    • The gold to be added to the system goes to an approved refiner
    • The gold is refined, assayed into a certified good delivery bar, hallmarked and branded, then transported by the refiner to an internationally approved vault.
    If at any time the gold leaves the LBMA-approved good delivery system, it must begin the process again - go back to an approved refiner and so on as above. For full details on the LBMA 'good delivery' system, go to and follow the 'good delivery' link.

    up Link: a text or image on a web page that a user of the Pecunix website can click on to access or connect to another web page. Throughout the Pecunix website you may find words you do not understand. Words that are linked to this glossary will give you a clearer indication of what the words may mean. These are in red type. You may also link to this glossary by clicking the ? in the top right corner of the open window.

    up Merchant Tools: are a facility helping create the necessary code that allows you to receive payment from a website into your Pecunix account.

    Create a Link or Hash: helps you create a link that you can place on your website that allows customers to click and pay for your product with Pecunix. A new link is required for each product. If an input hash is all you require then you should also select this option.

    The link uses this button by default: Link to Pecunix

    Create a Form: helps you create a form so customers can pay for products online. You may select to have the verification data sent to your server. You also have the option to redirect the customer back to your web site.

    Input Hash: is an encrypted block of data that ensures the information you send to the Pecunix system has not been altered. The Input Hash includes your account Id, payment amount, the denominated currency, a transfer ID, the payer of the fees and a secret key set within the Full Access area of your account. This block of data is encrypted with either an MD5 or SHA1 hash.

    up MD5: is an Encryption algorithm used in the encrypted transfer of information over the internet.

    up Non-repudiable: means that you cannot refuse to recognise or pay a payment. Once you make a payment with Pecunix to another account holder the payment is final. The payment will not be reversed by the Pecunix system or by any other means other than by the payee returning it of their own accord.

    up Payment: is the process of transferring value between Pecunix Account Holders. Pecunix Payments are denominated in GAU (grams of fine gold) and transfer the exclusive benefit of that precise mass of Fine Gold measured to an accuracy of 1/10,000th of a gram from the transferring account holder to the receiving account holder. GAU (grams of fine gold) are a metric unit of gold equal to one thousandth (10-3) of a kilogram of gold. The default value in an account holder´s account is measured in GAU (grams of fine gold).

    A payment is made to any e-mail account whether the owner of the e-mail account has a Pecunix account or not. If the e-mail address is not in the Pecunix system, the sender of the payment may cancel the payment at any time before the payment has been collected. If the receiver e-mail address is already assigned in the Pecunix system then the payment is instantly deposited into the Pecunix account that the e-mail address has been assigned to and is Non-repudiable.

    Payment from: select the e-mail account you would like the Payee to see.

    Pay the amount of
    : is always a GAU amount.

    To e-mail address
    : the e-mail address of the one you are sending a payment to, whether they have a Pecunix account or not.

    Previous payees
    : gives you the last 20 accounts that you have paid to.

    Fees paid by
    : you can choose who pays fees.

    : a number assigned to a payment that is searchable in history.

    Message: allows you to give details to the payee.

    upPayment details: are the specific details you enter when making a payment. This information is recorded and kept to form a verifiable audit trail.

    Download a statement gives you the ability to download a record of this payment in either csv format or xml format.

    Publicly viewable payment enables you to send a link to any e-mail address you choose so that a particular transaction may be viewed. Either the payer or payee is able to make a particular transaction publicly viewable. This can be used for third party verification of a particular transaction.

    Publicly viewable link is a hash (e.g. 627F54A389CA2B78E78) at the end of a URL address used to connect you to the specific details of a particular transaction. A link used to view a particular transaction will look something like this:

    Send a link by e-mail to any e-mail address you choose so that a particular transaction may be viewed by a third party.

    up Payment Limit: the total amount the Limited Access Level user can pay out on a daily basis. You can adjust this amount at any time by entering the Full Access level.

    up PRI (Payment Receipt Interface):

    Click here to view the full documentation on the PRI

    This feature of the Pecunix system that allows a merchant to easily accept payments in Pecunix from customers on an existing or new website. Full details on the PRI can be found at

    Shared secret: This is used to create secure payment confirmation and to secure PRI input. This may be any word, number, character set or a combination of all.

    Hash algorithm: the encryption language you use to encrypt the input hash. MD5 or SHA1

    PRI payments only: Many businesses have automated programs that update their database when a payment is made to their account through their website. To stop people making payments to your account except through the PRI interface, check this box.

    Input Hash: Pecunix has implemented an input hash to allow merchants to verify that a payment made to their account was made and that none of the important information that is required has been tampered with. Check this box if you only want to accept PRI payments that have an input hash attached.

    up PIK (Private Identification Key): is the 16 character code that is issued to you by the Pecunix system that you or additional account holders use to access your account. This PIK should be kept in a secure place, separate from the Password, and never shown to anyone. Here is an example of a PIK:

    up PGP Security (Pretty Good Privacy): is a commonly used Encryption system developed by Philip Zimmermann. It allows you to send messages to anyone in complete privacy. With PGP, you can send authentication with your messages so that the recipient can verify that the message really came from you. You can also encrypt sensitive files on your computer so they remain private even if your computer and disks are stolen.

    The Pecunix system uses PGP Encryption that allows encrypted e-mails to be sent to you. You may also use PGP to have your e-mails signed for authenticity or to add extra security when logging into your account. If you can see the great benefits in using PGP and would like to know more about PGP, click here to view some simple step-by-step tutorials.

    To download PGP, visit, choose the operating system you use on your computer and follow the instructions.

    Use PGP access security: allows you access to your account with the added authentication of using a PGP key. Depending on what PGP keys you have submitted in your account, you can select PGP key access to any one or all of your access levels.

    Encrypt e-mail: If you have a PGP key submitted for your account's Limited Access level, you can have all e-mails sent to you encrypted.

    Here is the Pecunix PGP public key:

    Hint: Click on the key, press Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C to copy the PGP key.

    up PXI (Pecunix XML Interface): allows automated interaction with the Pecunix server to initiate Pecunix payments, or check account history and balance. It closely follows and implements a subset of the new XML-X protocol ( that promises to offer a “standard for all web-based accounting systems”. Certain additions and enhancements have been made to the Pecunix implementation to allow functionality that is not yet supported by XML-X. For in-depth information about the PXI (Pecunix XML Interface) click here

    up Pecunix: is an international digital currency underwritten at all times by a corresponding amount of unencumbered physical Fine Gold held in Allocated Storage within a Repository on behalf of the account holders.

    up PECUNIX INCORPORATED: is a corporate legal entity registered in the Republic of Panama.

    up PREO (Preferred Retail Exchange Operator): is an independent retailer of the Pecunix currency. When buying and selling Pecunix currency you may contact any PREO who may exchange your national currency or gold for Pecunix or exchange their Pecunix for your national currency or gold.

    up Publicly viewable accounts: enable the general public with access to view the balance of a Pecunix account linked to a particular e-mail address. This may be used for third party verification of an account balance.


    up RAID Technology (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks): PECUNIX INCORPORATED uses globally distributed RAID technology that allows all information to be duplicated to an alternative storage disk simultaneously which gives the Pecunix system backup upon backup of all information and transactions within the Pecunix system. All information is held encrypted in the database and cannot in any way be read by a third party.

    up Repository: is the fully independent entity or entities that hold an accredited international gold storage rating that will hold the Fine Gold in Allocated Storage on behalf of the Users.

    up Robot Attacks: are what hackers use to force passwords to enter the accounts of insecure systems. The Pecunix system has software to restrict this from happening. To increase the security of your computer system we recommend that you take the time to view the precautions suggested by PECUNIX INCORPORATED. more...

    up Secure Programmatic Interface: allows you to set up links and payment interfaces on websites to accept Pecunix for the payment of goods and services.

    up Secure Database:

    Because Pecunix is an online system, security at the technical level is critical to the integrity of the currency.

    For that reason, Pecunix combines leading edge PGP encryption technology, advanced data encryption and common sense data replication to ensure that the Pecunix system data is as heavily protected as the gold itself. Four levels of security are standard to the system.

  • The technology, even at the user level, is virus resistant and keyboard sniffer-resistant, ensuring that user access is secure by default
  • Advanced user access options including PGP verification and IP restrictions on account access. This ensures unsurpassed account access security.
  • All data in the database is encrypted using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).
  • The data are stored on the production servers using hardware RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Drives) technology, and is also replicated offsite in real time in at least two separate locations on hardware RAID devices

    up SHA1: is an Encryption algorithm used in the encrypted transfer of information over the Internet.

    up Secret information: is information used as extra identification in the unlikely event that inaccuracies occur involving your account.

    The information that is needed is a question (e.g. my account number at the power board is) and the answer to this question (e.g. ADK184-5722-3854). This information is kept on record so that if there was ever a challenge involving the account the information submitted may be used.

    up Trojan Horse: is a type of computer virus normally disguised as a program. This may happen when you download a program from the Internet thinking that the program may be useful, however once the program is opened (or run) it releases a virus that can often erase your hard drive or wreak havoc on your computer system. A common way of receiving a Trojan Horse is in the form of an e-mail attachment.

    To increase the security of your computer system we recommend that you take the time to view the precautions suggested by PECUNIX INCORPORATED. more...

    up Transparency: allows you to make your Pecunix account name, assigned e-mail addresses and Pecunix balance publicly viewable. This allows merchants or other interested parties to verify that you have the said funds.

    up Transparent Operation: PECUNIX INCORPORATED is committed to being a completely open corporation in terms of providing full disclosure details regarding corporate structure, affiliates, security, as well as financial information. All personal information regarding account holders is encrypted in the secure Pecunix database and will remain private and protected as governed by the laws of the Republic of Panama.

    up 128 Bit Secure: When you connect to a secure web server such as, your computer immediately asks that server to authenticate it. This authentication is a complex process involving public keys, private keys and a digital certificate. This digital certificate tells you that an independent third party has verified that the server belongs to the company it claims to belong to. A valid certificate means that you can have confidence that you are sending sensitive personal information to the right place. To be sure that the strongest Encryption is being used to secure the website the Pecunix system uses [128-bit Encryption] within the account area. If your browser does not accept [128-bit Encryption] or you are unsure if it does:

    click here for Internet explorer 6 (Recommended)
    click here for Netscape 7.0

    to upgrade your computer